Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hemp is our history week

Celebrate Hemp History Week on Monday, May 17th at the La Jolla Brew House. It’ll be a free night of industrial hemp product giveaways, entertainment, hemp beer and more! As part of the night’s celebration, the Brew House will be honoring the late Jack Herer —one of the greatest hemp activists of our time — with a screening of “Hemp for Victory”, a U.S. Government video that the government tried to deny existed until Jack rediscovered it.

The evening’s main presenter will be Dion Markgraff editor and historian of the hemp plant. Also speaking will be David Bronner, a former board member of Vote Hemp and a member of the Dr. Bronner family.

The La Jolla Brew House is located at 7536 Fay Street in La Jolla. (858) 456-6279